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Leslie Grant & Nina Pessin-Whedbee, and slowLab, 2009

Sugar House is a mixed-media project made with sociologist Nina Pessin-Whedbee, slowLab and former employees of the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn, NY. It includes photographs taken by Pessin-Whedbee and myself, snapshots and objects related to Domino donated by employees, hand-drawn maps of the factory and surrounding neighborhood made by employees, and an audio piece combining personal stories of workers with selections read aloud from poetry, scientific articles and historical texts all having to do with sugar production. 

Sugar House Audio:

With thanks: Errol Anderson, John Houck, Eddie Lopez, Al Marrero, Frank Norton, John Ross, Robert Sheldon, Carolyn Strauss, Eddie Thompson, Allan Wade.


Made possible with generous support from: The Brooklyn Arts Council.

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