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Leslie Grant & Alex Terzich, 2003

Pictures Maps Shadows is a project focusing on the American Rock Salt Hampton Corners Mine in Livingston County, New York. It was a collaboration with architect Alex Terzich, employees of the mine and the local community, and resulted in a small self-published book of photographs and an installation at a pub near the mine site (owned by a former miner). All of the different types of images that make up the book - ones I took, miner’s own photographs, historical materials and found snapshots – create a collection of layered stories about the salt mine.

With thanks to: American Rock Company, Danny Anzalone, Al Bersch, Kara Canal, Pat Cannon, Jim Chest, Jerry Christiano, Will Clark, Charlie Couzzo, Chris Dennis, Mark Estridge, Jonny Garrett, David and Monica Kingston, Pete Louis, Bob McCart, Greg Norris, Gary Perrin, Bob Quoit, Mike Regatuso, Susana Reisman, Phil Saunders, Frank Schirmer, Jim Szczesniak, Austin Wadsworth, Tim Wolfanger.


Made possible with generous support from: The Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Council.

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