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Casey Deming & Leslie Grant, 2019

We started this project by photographing employees of Bertram Drilling as they bored geothermal wells on the Carleton College campus, which will take over the energy production of the college in the future. We also asked the drillers to donate their own worksite snapshots to create a dialogue with our images. We then searched the archives at Carleton’s Gould Library for materials about heating and cooling, fireplaces, and the experience of cold, finding photographs, maps, letters, and books.

We are drawn to the networks of labor needed to build and maintain this system, the tools and tradecraft, and the personal stories surrounding this industry. Linking past and present through archival investigations, we are exploring the barriers we erect to guard ourselves from the perennial impositions of the weather.

Thanks to: Zoe Adler, Orlando Contreras, Guy Desantis, Bailey Diers, Natasha Dietz, Wayne Dyck, Annemarie Eayrs, Chris Fischbach, Jenna Grant, Jaysen Hohlen, Tom Lamb, Martha Larson, Teresa Lenzen, Payton Loveshim, Steven Potter, Jim Price, Arielle Rebek, Kevin Smidt, Taiyi Wang, Bertram Drilling, Carleton College, and Coffee House Press.

Archive Stories

Sunday, April 7th, 4PM, 2019


Company Projects

1237 4th Street Northeast

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Archive Stories was a conversation exploring how archives can be "activated," and accessed by artists, researchers, and more broadly by the general public.

This event marked the culmination of Casey Deming and Leslie Grant’s CHP In the Stacks residency at Carleton College’s Gould Library Special Collections.

Their exhibition, Bore Fields, April-May, 2019, was installed in the library’s lobby space.

Featured speakers:

Casey Deming & Leslie Grant

Artists, CHP In the Stacks Residents


Tom Lamb

College Archivist and Head of Special Collections & Archives

Gould Library, Carleton College


Bailey Diers

Special Collections Librarian, Hosmer Collection

Hennepin County Library, Minneapolis Central Library


Jenna Grant

Assistant Professor

Department of Anthropology, University of Washington

Working in the Becker Archive, a collection of Khmer Rouge-era materials, UW


Jaysen Hohlen

Artist, BFA candidate, UMN

Working with the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies at the University of MN

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